Sunday, September 24, 2006

has a bite

Master's new whip from the pet store of all places has a real bite to it on my ass cheeks. it is made for a horse's ass not mine, of course i can sometimes be a horse's ass if you know what i mean.

Master had me tied tight with my arms spread out like a Y and legs tied to the spreader bar. the spreader bar was than pulled back so i was just about on my tip toes and tied off to the bed. so here i am about to fall on my face if my ropes break & Master with a new whip in his hand.

He started out whipping me without the much hated ball gag in place but i was to loud with my moans & oh Master's. i begged and pleaded with him as he tried to put in my mouth. He told me to shut up and open wide slave. i hate that damm thing but in it went. He then added the blindfold to make me look more slave like. He enjoys me being gagged as he has not have to hear me plead for mercy.

my ass was whipped with the new whip along with the cane, crop, and flogger as well as being stung with a rubber band. my tits wore the weighted clamps and were also flogged & stung. i wear many of my Master's marks today and enjoy each one i see.

after a 2 hr punishment session i was showered with Master's golden water as i kneeled in the large jacuzzi tub. He then had me fill the tub for a nice long bubble bath for the both of us. we sat and drank mimosas for a long time then it was off to the large king size bed for more pleasure with each other.

the pleasure we had in that bed licking, kissing and sucking on each other can not be told in words. we napped in each others arms for a while then it was off to the pool to wake up. me in my new bikini and Master in his. i think Master showed off more then me as his was almost see thru when wet.

the sun was warm and a nice breeze blew as we laid out there enjoying a Saturday of play. getting a room at a nice hotel and getting away from the real world for a while is like a mini vacation for both of us. what fun can be had between two people that love each when away from the everyday.

Master let's go back.

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