Sunday, June 25, 2006

a bi slave

this was a wild n crazy dream that i never expected to actually do. i always enjoyed the porno movies that had two women making love and always wondered what that would really be like to do it. WOW it was GREAT!
i did it and i am so very happy that i did.

i was not going to let this opportunity pass me by now in my life. as you know my first time was on a limo ride last Christmas. i did not know how it would really go at first. would she like me? would i do the right things to please her? would she want me again? how would it feel? too many questions for my little brain.

i knew what they had in mind for me and in the back of my mind I had the same desires. the only down side of this was that my Master was not going to be with me on this wild adventure. with his support i went for the ride of my life in more ways than one. everything seemed to happen so fast it seemed like a blurr to me. i had the time of my life and wanted to do it again soon but this time Master was to be there with me.

it took awhile for my next bi adventure, but it finally came and Master was there to enjoy it with me this time. this was also his dream to see two women together and to have my Master share in the fun was the best for me. i enjoyed being on naked display for them as they walked in. then being lead to Mistress on my knees as she pulled on my leash so she could touch my naked body. oh gawd i am getting wet just writing this. her kiss was so tender and hands so soft and her pussy so wet. although her whip did sting my ass many times. Mistress was not so tender with a crop in her hand but i loved every one she gave me.

i cannot tell you in words how great i felt serving both Mistress & Master or how great the love was that we shared together that day. i do know this that i want to more of her. if you are a woman that has dreamed of making love to another woman stop dreaming and Just do It.

i am so happy i finally tasted the bi side of life that i want to be there whenever i can. it is a very special love that only two women can share and i am so happy i lived my dream.

on my knees waiting till next time Mistress. kisses

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