Thursday, June 08, 2006

Assume the Position slave

well the title of this story is not what you think. i know you are waiting to read about how i was spanked and for what. butt not the case this time.

if you follow this blog at all you know it has a link to a blog called "My Bottom Smarts" that Bonnie does a very nice job of writing and it deals with spankings. well she always has a very nice Sunday brunch for her readers. and this past Sunday she ask about sayings that you hear when you are about to be spanked by someone.

my answer was the title of this story. what I want to tell you here is all the things i have assumed the position on or over. a car hood, a tailgate, a truck seat with hands tied to the other side of it, the trunk of my car, a knee, a car seat, a bed, a couch, and sometimes just my own ankles as i bend over and grab them both.

sometimes i am tied down so i will not move around so much. and sometimes i am not. let me tell you i get into more trouble when i am just told to hold my position as my ass is being warmed by Master. moving and reaching back with my hands adds more swats and Master likes to add. i really like it better tied up. i do better that way and don't add to the count.

this weekend should be a very HOT time for my ass and other things as we are hoping to get together with Mistress and her hubby if all works out. i can not sleep at night thinking of what she might do to me or make me do. of course i know Master will be there to enjoy it this time and i can not wait until he gets to see me serve her. he missed our 1st time together. i am getting wet just writing this.

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Bonnie said...


That sounds like a wonderful plan. I hope your weekend is even better than you imagine.

I look forward to reading your account. have fun!