Sunday, June 11, 2006

fantasy cum true

yesterday was a dream cum true for me. all my life i always wondered how it would feel to be with more than one person at the same time. today i finally got to find out. having my Master and my Mistress at the same time was absolutely the greatest ever. i was getting double the pleasure & pain today.

it started out about Wednesday last week when Master told the hubby of my Mistress that he thought we could play this weekend. well when he told Mistress that she said let's make up a story about having a bad fight and make slave think we might not be coming. so i was told by her hubby that if she is still mad they would not be making it.

on Saturday Master and i went ahead and got a room at the hotel we said we would meet at and hoped all would work out between them. Master knew they were coming and called and gave them the room number without me knowing it.

Master had me wear my very short white dress & collar into the hotel. two men were behind me as i walk though the lobby to the room. it made me very nervous because my dress is so short and i did not have no panties or bra on. once i was in the room off it came and naked was the dress of the day.

Master had me tied and blinfolded before Mistress came so he could give me a few early swats on my ass with the cane. the maids were cleaning the rooms around us and Master kept going to the door to see where the maids where. he did not want them to hear me getting spanked. on one of the trips to the door he opened it so Mistress & her hubby could sneak in.

so here i am standing naked hands cuffed behind me legs spread wide & tied to the bed with a blindfold and nipple clamps with the weights hanging on my nipples as Master plays with me. all this time they are watching and i don't know it.

Master unhooked my legs from the bottom of the bed and had me get down on my knees and crawl to the sofa that was in the room by pulling on my leash. well what i did not know is the person pulling the leash was my Mistress. when she kissed my lips i went into a very cold sweat & my body felt like i just got out of the shower. i was just so nervous.

it was a surprise for me since i did not know Mistress was going to meet us for sure. but when Mistress got the leash and a whip in her hands she did not waste anytime putting her marks on me. there were times i did not know who was swatting my at my ass. she did really well with the whip & crops taking my breath away many times with her hits.

she also was dressed as a Mistress in a nice leather/chain bra and thong outfit with very high heels. once she removed my blindfold i could see it. she is very beautiful to start with but she was really HOT in that outfit with a crop in one hand and my leash in the other.

she dipped hot wax all over my body from a low temp candle as well. what really got me going is when she held my pussy lips open and dripped it on my clit. oh my gawd her doing that as Master rubbed my nipples with ice cubes at the same time. i can not tell you the joy my brain was having. i can not even count the orgasms i had this day it was so many.

looking at my ass tonight i know they both had a good time with their slave. being in Master's and Mistress' control at the same time did get confusing for me at times. but i loved every minute of it and i had a lot of fun pleasing them both.

at one point her and i just laid on the bed in each others arms it was a very tender time as we kissed and talked. the guys where just watching and taking pics. wow the fun we had together i can't wait till the next time i am on my knees at her feet.

i know there will be more great things to cum for all of us. Master has over 118 pics of this day plus the ones her hubby took. i am looking forward to living my dream again very soon.

i love you both Master and Mistress thank you for letting me serve you.

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Sheen V said...

That was such a great experience for you! I really enjoyed reading about how Master made you wear the short skirt without panties in a public place, and how they surprised you. That would totally blow me away.