Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Pet

is a movie that i read about on a another very good s&m blog called "Life as His" it has a very good trailer for this movie that can be seen at http://www.thepetmovie.com/

this is the only place i have seen or heard about it and glad i did. leave it up to annissa to find the good the stuff to put on her blog.

i just want to help spread the word about this film with hopes that it can be seen here in the states in theaters or at least on dvd. if you want more info on it you can also visit annissa's blog. i would put a link to her blog here but i do have her permission to do that yet. i hope she does not mind what i have done here so far.

it is a must see movie for Master and i and we are hoping it cums out soon.

p.s. link to annissa's blog for more info:) http://www.lifeashis.com/

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