Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Daddy's Day

to all that read my blog. Master is at it again looking for ways to show off this slave in public. He was in dept store at lunch this week and saw a very short denim mini skirt on the rack. when He returned to work he told me about it and said i was to go buy it.

after work i went to the store and tried it on. well it comes just to the bottom of my ass cheeks if i am standing up very straight. if i bend any at all you can see my ass. i called Master when i left the store and told him i had it He said put it on and then stop at the corner store and get something to drink.

i did as i was told as i was very nervous walking around getting my stuff and standing in line to pay as a man stood behind me. i just knew every man in there was looking and wanting to see more of me. i called Master while i was in the store to let him know i was following his orders and to help calm me down some. my pussy was very wet i must admit. i guess i really enjoy it more than i think i do.

Master also had me buy some nice thong like shoes that has a small heel on them in white last week. now he is telling me i will be going shopping with him in my very tight tube top & mini skirt and thong heels. he said he will take some pics to post here when we do it. as know those will be the only three items on my body. He always tells me men enjoy seeing women that show a little skin. well they should just love me as i show a lot in this outfit.

short skirts, no bras or panties, hard nipples poking though and heels make a girl the kind of woman Master loves. some might call her a slut or whore but my Master calls me beautiful when i am this way. but then i am his slut.

p.s. kisses to my Mistress as i know she looks in on my blog. i hope my readers enjoyed our pic and story of Her and i. it was a real fun time for us and we are ready to serve again soon.

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