Tuesday, May 30, 2006

red thong & red ass

to match it. i am not allowed to wear panties or thongs as you know. but i did have a coupon for a free pair from VS. Master said to go ahead and get them as they were free. i was told i would be wearing them to work today and i must let the boys see them by bending over a lot.

well the boys seen them ok one even ask if it was red panty day today as i turned red and said yes it is. well what i did not know is after work my ass cheeks was going to match my thong.

you see i sometimes turn my cell phone to vibrate and forget that i do it. well guess who calls when i do that? MASTER! and He does not like it when it goes to my voice mail. i missed a total of 4 calls this weekend from Him and He was not amused.

he told me today that my ass would be the color of my thong for missing the calls. i also did not answer a question that was sent via text today. 10 for each missed call and 5 for the text. grand total 45 very hard swats with the leather paddle.

my ass has had a long vacation from the paddle and was not ready at all for 45 very hard ones. i have been on a cane & crop diet for a long while. i begged and pleaded for mercy but did not receive any at all. they came hard and sometimes fast but i took each one with joy and pleasure. because i know it is His ass to do with what he pleases and he would never damage it. much.

i must say after it was over i was glad and it did match my thong. i have also turned over the thong to Master so i will not be allowed it to wear again until he allows it. and i will be turning up that damm phone ringer way up!


Sheen V said...

If you should ever get another free panty card and Master won't let you use it, please send it to me!

Bonnie said...


Isn't it funny how men can suddenly match colors once they have a paddle in their hands?

Great story!