Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

i hope all of my readers that are mother's and grandmothers like me are having a very happy day today. i am enjoying my mother's day with a very bruised ass and that makes it a great day for me.

Master spent about two hours yesterday working on my ass and other body parts with a flogger and the much hated crop. i was tied up & tied down, i ball gaged and blindfolded. at one point i was laying on my back with my hands tied above my head while Master took the spreader bar that was attached to my ankles and pulled my legs up to my head and tied them to the same rope that held my hands. my bald pussy and naked ass was all his as i laid there in a V shape. my legs high in the sky as he croped my ass and thighs.

i must say i was spread very open for his tounge also to do its thing. he really enjoyed having me be so open to his desires. i really enjoyed serving Master as his slave yesterday. it is two years today since Master and i kissed for the 1st time. little did we know we would have had this much fun together. what a ride it has been for us both. i hope this ride never ends.

on my knees forever.

p.s. pic in profile is bent over tailgate and tied to bed waiting for the cane beside me.


Bonnie said...


Happy Mother's day to you as well! It was very happy indeed, by the sound of your description. I too hope your fun is everlasting.


kk said...

Thanks Bonnie,

It was the best gift I could get for Mother's day. Hope yours was as fun.