Saturday, May 20, 2006

1 week ago today

and i still wear the mark of the Master on my ass cheeks from my cropping. i love to look at my marks and remember how they were placed there. and last Saturday was a lot of fun for me. it puts a smile on face every time i see a mark there.

i know to many it might seem strange that i enjoy my spankings so much. i would have never thought i would let a man do the things my Master has done to me. i guess i have always been a submissive i just needed someone to really bring that side of me out of the closet. i remember watching tv and seeing women tied up and wondered how it would feel to be her. those were just dreams locked away in my mind that i would never let out.

well those are not dreams no more and the lock is used on me. i know how it feels to be restrained, whipped, cropped, spanked or just plain kissed all over. and it is GREATTTTTT like Tony the Tiger would say. i have never had so much fun in the sex department as i am now.

Master did add some redness to ass twice this week. one was punishment for missing a sales order and one was just because my ass was there & bare for him just the way he likes it. i can not speak for others but for me a red ass means a very wet pussy and rock hard nipples.

talking about a wet pussy Master is getting pressure from Mistress to let me cum play with her. he is talking about doing it very soon. i can not wait to tell you that story.


Bonnie said...


Strange? Your account sounds positively wonderful to me. Keep enjoying the good life!


kk said...

thanks so much bonnie for your support. Master and i just love your blog and we really hope all is well with the new person in your world.

hope you are enjoying a red ass as well.