Saturday, July 22, 2006

lost my ball

thursday night i played with my new toy Master's mark for a while as i set on the recliner. i then got up and did some other things around the house. it came time to clean my new piercing so i got out my rock salt and cup and ran a little water in the tub to sit in.

i get in the tub mix up my salt bath in the cup and go to put it on my pussy only to find my ring in my hand, not in my pussy. i panic! it has not even been a week and i have lost a part of my Master's mark. how could this happen and what will i do now? how do i tell my Master i lost His ball from His marking. i will never find a small silver ball no bigger than the ball point of a pen.

i searched the tub with my hands on my knees looking by the drain nothing. i crawled around the bathroom floor shook out the rug nothing. i crawled down the hallway feeling the floor with my hands and looking to the living room nothing. all hope was lost i would never find it. how could i let Master down like this? how could my piercing stay open without the ring in it. all these thoughts going though my mind. i just wanted to cry i was so upset.

as i got up from the floor i looked over at the recliner seat, it is brown and there in the back at the seam of the seat was this very tiny shiny silver ball. now that i see it how do i pick it up without it falling down into the back? well with much care i reached for it and got it.

now for more fun putting the ring back though the piercing and getting that damm little ball screwed on. i had never done it and did not know if i could, but i did and it was just like a earring. i was so relieved and so drained at the same time i just went to bed. but i went to bed happy knowing i had the Master's mark in it's place where it belonged.

the next day i told Master all about it and he laughed at me he thought it was funny the way i panicked over it. he also said that i would be punished for losing it. last night i was bent over and given 20 nice hard swats with the much hated crop on my ass. then again that is pleasure for me as i enjoy being spanked. i enjoy my crop marks still this morning.


Bonnie said...


I can see how that sitation could induce panic. I go nuts when I lose the end to my earring. At least it sounds as though it ended well.

BTW, I invite you to stop by my blog today. I posted something I hope you like...


Anonymous said...

Hi kk,

Love your blog, I read from the beginning yesterday. You are living one of my fantasies... progressive exhibitionism. From regular panties to g-strings to no panties. From regular bras to demi cups, to demi cups below the nipples to no bras. In my version you would also be required to periodically (monthly perhaps) shorten the hems on all your skirts and shorts. Unbuttoning your blouse one more button, re-cut the scoop neck and V-neck blouses deeper. On sleeveless blouses cut the arm holes bigger and more across the front so that not only are you more exposed on the side you also get exposure on the front. Having you perform the alterations means you are really doing this to yourself.

For you and the people that see you every day the change is gradual. Over the course of a year all of your outfits start to show off your body more and more. At first it is not such a big deal but eventually you are showing off quite a lot.

In the same thread one idea is to go out to dinner wearing a strapless dress. After being seated your Master requires that one of your nipples "accidentally" slips out. You are required to leave it out until the wait staff brings it to your attention. When they do you have to thank them for noticing. Depending on their tone you may be required to ask if they mind if you leave it out. If all goes well you may end up with both nipples out for dessert and the walk out of the restaurant.

Another version of this is you are hosting or helping out at a party. You are going to carry 2 platters or bottles of wine or pitchers of beer. The point is your hands are full. As you leave the kitchen your Master pops one of your tits out of your top. You are required to carry out your serving duties. When someone comments on your exposed breast you are required to thank them for noticing and ask them to tuck your tit back in for you since your hands are full. Since you barely fit into your top this requires your good Samaritan to use both hands and press your boob back into your top. It would be even better if, while tucking one back in the other pops out. Now your good Samaritan has both hands on your tits trying to get them back into your top. Oh the fun to be had!

I am glad you are enjoying your life. I have really enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing.