Friday, July 21, 2006

the mark of the Master

sorry for not posting sooner i have been a little busy taking care of my mark of the Master.

last Saturday was one of those days that i would want to live over again. Master and i have always talked about me getting something done that would mark me in some way as being His. like "O" did with her branding. well we decided on getting the hood of my pussy pierced.

i wanted it done but when the day and hour came to do it the more nervous I got. i was determined to do this for Him and to get this done but i was also scared too. we talked it over for a while then He said let's go girl. so it was off to the tattoo parlor. i was never in a tattoo parlor in my life before this day.

we walked into the tattoo parlor and looked around while the guy that did the piercing was taking a smoke break outside. i seemed to relax a lot after i was inside the place as we were waiting and looking around. then when he came in to help us we asked him a lot of questions about piercing the pussy. he was very helpful and told us a lot of older women seem to be getting this done. he said piercing the hood would give me the most pleasure.

he was telling us about how it would not get hung up on my underware when Master told him i was not allowed to wear any. he laughed as he looked at my red face. i think he felt more at ease with us after that. when all the papers were signed it was time to get down to business.

we went into the room with a table and i thought i would just pull up my short skirt and he could do it. oh no he said it would be better if i removed it. i looked at Master hoping he would save me from having to do that but He told take it off now as i whined about how far i could pull it up. so i took my skirt off and handed it to Master and laid down on the table with my legs spread wide like i do for the doctor. as he prepared everything for the piercing Master kept me very calm and relaxed and was taking photos of this event.

Master was holding my hand as the guy told me to take a deep breath and with that deep breath it was over. i couldn't believe it was so quick. there was only about 2 seconds of pain and it was over. he then screwed the balls on the ends as Master took a nice close up picture of it. there i lay on a table naked from the waist down in front of a stranger as Master takes my picture. how crazy can it get. what a slut.

i put my skirt back on and off we were to enjoy my new look. WOW!!! i really do love it and i am very happy that i did it. the pain was nothing like i thought it would be. it looks great on me and Master loves it. i now wear the symbol of my Master 24/7 everywhere i go.

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