Tuesday, July 04, 2006

what a great time

Master and i had this weekend. on Sunday we went shopping with me dressed as you see here. this is the mini skirt Master had me buy a week or so ago.

it might not look short in this pic but if you would see me bend any at all you will see my ass. also there is no hiding my hard nipples in this top at all as you can see.

Master made me go into this gas station and get us drinks. the clerk had a big smile on his face as i stood there paying for my purchase as he stared at my tits. next it was off to a adult toy store where Master found a slapper paddle to add to our toy box.

as we walked around the store looking at items Master would raise the back of my skirt and feel my naked ass. damm He was making me wet making me wear this outfit then doing that too.

the best part was as we were about to leave He spotted the little slapper paddle hanging by the checkout. well He ask me if i thought i would like to have one i turned red and said maybe. He picked it up and told me to bend over then picked up the back of skirt and hit my naked ass with it. well the clerk was sitting behind the counter and did not see that happen.

Master said he liked it and said he would take it to the clerk. the clerk then stood up to take the money and give Master back his change. he then put the paddle in a small bag, Master told him he do not need the bag or the tag that was on it. He handed the bag with the tag back to the clerk. as i was walking toward the door Master told me to come back to Him. as i did he said bend over slave as the clerk looked right at me. i did as told and then Master raised my skirt way up this time showing my very naked ass to the clerk and gave me a good swat with our new toy.

the clerk thought it was funny as he watched us and told us to have a good time with it. Master replied back oh we will. as we walked away Master said we made that guys day showing him your naked ass. what he didn't know was he made mine too. my pussy juices felt like they were running down my legs.

then it was on to a major food store to pickup some ginger root for more fun to cum on Monday. i will tell that another day. oh what a Bang we had this weekend. Master just loves seeing me out dressed like this.

have a Happy 4th all. i did.


Sheen V said...

I love the outfit - you look great in it! Reading about your experiences is also arousing!

kk said...

thank you sheen. if you think reading about it is arousing just think of what it is to live it.

Master has made me a very different person from 2 yrs ago. i would never have done any of this without him.