Tuesday, July 11, 2006


have you ever gone to a concert or football game and looked at all the people and ask yourself what do they do behind closed doors? i have many times and i am sure that no one would guess the things i do or have done.

i am sure they would not think of me as a person that loves to be spanked and be tied up or that i love to show off my naked body. i am just your everyday working woman that is very normal person in there minds. they would not see me as the slave i really am and like to be to Master & Mistress.

as i look around at others i try see if i can spot the ones that would like a good spanking or that would make love to another woman. i am sure the ones i think would, don't and the ones i think never would, do.

i don't know that before Master came along that i would have called this lifestyle normal but it is now. i really enjoy all the things Master makes me do and does to me. the only down side is i wish i would have started sooner in my life doing them.

i was a submissive woman in a closet and Master came by and opened my door to new adventures. i will never go back into that closet. i am a slave and i am damm proud of it. i will get on my knees for Him anywhere at anytime He commands for i am His.

that sounds normal to me. how about you?

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Sheen V said...

Very much normal! I think its great when people are able to discover and experience new things that they enjoy. There are so many things out there that people would never think that they like. Mom always said "Just take one bite of your veggies, and if you don't like it you won't have to eat it. But you must try it first."