Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Ring of The Master

well now for over a year Master has talked about some way to mark me as His. i do wear His collar but not to places like work. he wanted something i could wear 24/7 anywhere and everywhere.

we talked about me getting a tattoo and even being branded as "O" was. i said i would do it for him if that is what He wanted done. well Master said it would be fun to see how felt about it when that red hot iron was coming to my ass:(

i am happy to report there will be no branding or tattoos done on my beautiful body as Master calls it.

Master has bought a very nice ring that i can wear all the time. He calls it "The Ring of The Master" but it will not be on my finger. i will wear His ring in my pussy. yes i am going to be pierced. i am really looking forward to this day to show Master how deep my love for Him really is. i would have never done this for anyone else no matter what they called it.

i feel that by my doing this i am proving to myself and my Master that i take being owned by Him very seriously. it will make me feel closer to Him by wearing His ring and i will wear it and show it with great pride. i am sitting in a wet spot just by writing about it. i can't wait until it happens.

we are hoping we can have it done tomorrow as we are both off. the only problem is most places that do this are closed on Mondays. just our luck. if it does not get done tomorrow then it will be very soon. Master already has the ring and he can't wait to see me wearing it.

Mistress did not sound like she liked the idea very much. i think once she sees it she will like it. She is not into pain for herself maybe that is why.

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