Friday, July 07, 2006

a 4th i'll never forget

fireworks came a day early for me this year and with a big bang. Master had a day planned for us in a hotel room since it was a long holiday weekend for us. Master was already in the room when i got there and was watching me through the window. Master had me dress in the mini skirt i had worn the day before when he spanked my ass with the paddle he bought at the adult store.

i was to wear a sleeveless white blouse unbuttoned and tied at the bottom. when i got out of the car the lawn crew was there mowing the grass and i had to walk across the parking lot with my blouse wide open & tits showing. the lawn guy stopped what he was doing and kept his eyes on me until i was out of his view. i was so glad and relieved when i got into the room.

the first thing Master had me do was get naked but i was to keep my white heels on. at this point we were both very hot n could not keep our hands off each other. Master realized the fireworks show must begin & had me lie on the bed while He tied me spread eagle to all four corners of the bed. then the pain n pleasure fun began for me. He flogged me hard on my nipples and on my fresh shaved pussy. at times the pain was almost unbearable but then He would stop and kiss the away the pain.

Master untied me and rolled me over so my ass was all His. then after a few swats with the crop it was time for the cane to make it's mark. my ass was on fire by now but i loved it so much i could not tell Master to stop. the cane left instant whelts as it came down hard on my ass cheeks. after the canning Master freed me from bonds.

now i was free to put my arms around Master and show Him how much i loved the pain n pleasure he gave me. there were so many fireworks going off now the entire room was like a light show and we could not stop it. when did finally did get the fireworks to stop we drifted off into a nice sleep exhausted as ever.

my ass was sore for days just the way i like it. what a great day serving my Master.

p.s. Master pointed out to me that i did not tell you that while i was being caned there was a pc of ginger root in my ass to heat up the inside as well. the fire in and on my ass was burning very hot just the way i like it.

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