Sunday, July 30, 2006


this past work week was a braless one for me. i started off Monday with one on but Master was not happy with my attitude this day. i had a sad week this past week maybe because of the hot and rainy weather who knows.

Master said maybe i should show off some tittie and it might cheer me up. well i showed them off alright but i did not cheer up much until yesterday. i am hoping happy slave is coming back because Master does not like sad slave much. Master is thinking maybe slave needs a good spanking to get her happy jucies flowing back into her brain.

i am sure He is right as i always seem to be a happier slave after a good ass warming. it has been over a week since my last one so i am over due for a good one. maybe today he can put some fire on my ass and bring out the happy in me.

back to being braless at work this week. most of the guys already know that i go braless now and then and they are always checking t0 see what i am wearing. my blouse always has the first two buttons unbuttoned and when i move just right anyone can see all the way to the nipple. but hell they all ready see my hard nipples sticking out though my shirt anyway.

the boys enjoy there little tittie show i do for them and Master enjoys showing me off. this past week i the way i felt i could have worked topless and not cared who saw what. i never knew men enjoyed my titties so much until Master came along. Master did have me bag up all of my bras once and hand them over to him. i was thinking they were going the way panties did, but he gave them back. he tells me it still could happen some day where i will have none to wear.


Sheen V said...

I'm not sure I'd get much work done if I worked in your office! Great to hear that you and the others are enjoying the fruits of your subservieance to Master.

Alfred Kuchinski said...

GOOD FOR YOU BABY DOLL! We men like hard dark nipples protruding against the soft fabric of your blouse.
Such capricous behaviour makes the entire office demeanor very nice.
Master sounds like a sex nut but keep the old bugger happy...a raise is in store for you.
Alfred Kuchinski