Friday, March 24, 2006


well i have had to wear my thongs to work all week and i was ordered to wear both of them together today. i only have two pair to wear anyway as you know i am not allowed to own or wear panties.

Master was given all of panties a long time ago but he did allow me to keep two pair of thongs that do not cover much. well i was told to wear a pair to work on Monday of this week and Master would let me know when to take them off. i forgot that part about taking them off.

i love to get out of my clothes ASAP after work and Monday was no different. Master saw that i removed my thong without being told to and my punishment was to wear a thong all week.

last night he said it will be 2 thong Friday meaning i will wear the only two i have at the same time. it was crazy to go from none to one then two pair of panties. i really hope i can get back to none this week as that is what i enjoy the most now. funny how i enjoy being without underware now that Master has made me go without for so long.

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