Sunday, April 23, 2006

i need it bad

yes it has been a long time between posts for my readers and i am sure you are thinking i forgot about my blog. well if you think it has been a long time for you between posts then think about me not being spanked. it has been way too long.

Master made it back from his long trip and picked up his new pickup truck all about the same time. a Master with a new truck and with our spring projects it does not leave much time for a slaves ass to be spanked. yes we have had some great wild sex since his return, but he has just been to busy and tired to give me the spanking he said i deserve.

i was told that i will be getting a very nice hard one when i do get it as i was a bad slave while he was gone. i think i told you that i have been talking to a old co-worker/friend about my new s&m lifestyle. Master has even sent pictures of me to him. naked, spanked and in very tight bondage. while Master was out of town he called and said he would be in my area on Sunday and wanted to know if we could have a drink together. i said sure i would love to.

so we did and i told him how happy i was and all about the things i have done to serve my Master. he loved every story i told him about me being the slave/slut i am. we had a great time just talking about old times and new and how he wish he had knew about how kinky i could be back back then. maybe he could have been my Master today.

i told him it just takes the right person and my Master is that person. i could not and would not do a lot of what i have done without this man. he knows me better then i know myself and he can bring out the slave/slut in me like no one ever has before.

when i told my Master about my fun afternoon and the drinks with a my old friend he ask if i had ask permission to see another man while he was out? i said no, and he said your ass will suffer slave! i hope you had a great time.

so far my ass is very white and very tender as it has not been beat red in a very long time. i think it might be part of my punishment. when it has been a while between spankings it hurts very much more when i do get one.

he did make me go to work all of last week without my bra. so my nipples were in plain view for all to see and so were my naked breasts if looked in between the button holes. so i have served him in some ways but damm it I NEED A SPANKING BAD. every crave something?

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