Sunday, April 30, 2006


well it is that time of year again. the time for me to go see the Doctor for my annual peek inside. you girls know what i mean. i just hate being on that table with him and his nurse looking at me.

last year it was really bad for me because it was the very first time for me to go in completely shaved smooth. i had ask Master if i could let my hair grow back about a week before my appointment and laughed at me. he said there would be no way for it grow back in a week. and besides it is in my slave contract i signed to be shaved at ALL times. he said don't worry about it your not the first shaved woman he has ever seen. easy for him to say he's not the one laying on the table all exposed.

i did my best to try to hide it by keeping my legs closed and staying way up on the table but Dr said to move up closer to him and open a little wider please. so there was no hiding my smoothness. my face was as red as it could be. i could just feel the redness. well that was last year.

after a another year of being bald and Master telling me how beautiful i am and seeing others shaved i am more relaxed about it this time. but i still hate going. Master has been telling me to be BPP that stands for Bald Pussy Proud and not to be so worried about it.

he said just pretend that he is the Dr and to spread those legs wide open for him and be BPP. well i am not sure if i will be so BPP when i am really laying on that table but i do know i won't be as shy this year as i was last year. i will be hearing my Master's voice telling me to spread them wide as told and be BPP.

Master was thinking maybe he should start a BPP fan club with shirts and flags and other items with my picture on them. i told him he is nuts and crazy but i guess thats why i love him so much. i wonder is there any of readers BPP? please leave us a comment if your are.

p.s. yes i did get my much needed spankings last week one with the crop and one with my hair brush. my ass was very tender and they hurt as Master did not show me no mercy.

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