Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mistress J

well i know there are lots of folks that read my blog but i did not know that someone reads it that knows me. she knows me really better then the rest. her and i have made love once in the back of a limo while her husband took photos of us. if you follow my blog then you know the story and the beautiful woman i am talking about. she is my Mistress J.

Mistress has not seen me in as a slave to Master yet. i know that Master has told me some of the things he will make me do in front of her and to my Mistress but we have not yet had a chance to get together with them and make it happen yet. i know that when i get to thinking about serving the three of them my pussy is soaked.

she has only seen pictures of me serving Master and heard stories of it. now they are reading about my life as a slave right here. that makes me wet to know my co-worker and his wife are reading about my life as a slave. her hubby is a smart guy to find my blog.

i hope everyone enjoys reading about the things Master and i do together but i really hope she enjoys reading just how submissive i really am. what you read on this blog has really happened to me and i try to show the pics to go along with what happens.

Master does the picture postings here and there are over 350+ of me in a naked or bondage state. Master does not like to have a lot of my pics posted here because there is no control of who may see them (kids) he does post some on a adult web site now and then.

enough about the pics i am really glad to know Mistress J is reading this and i can not wait till i am on my knees at her mercy serving her with Master and her hubby e watching and filming me. i love my new world of sexual fun i never thought this would happen in my lifetime.

just tonight i was tied to the whipping post and flogged with Master's new toy. he worked on Saturday for a while then he slipped off to the s&m store without me and picked up a new cat. damm it felt good on my naked ass as it has been a while since he put a little color back there for me.

last time he did it he used my hairbrush and i hate that damm brush as it hurts. well funny thing is the brush was cracked in half when he was done. he broke my brush on my ass and he said i must have a tough ass to do that. did i tell you he is also very funny also?


Sheen V said...

I also love to read about your new found life. I am also a very submissive person, although not as active as you, and reading about your submissive life allows me to live the life vicariously.

Miranda said...

I found your blog through the links of friends, Im going to bookmark it. Im happy you are finding yourself, the road to this discovery is wonderful.