Sunday, February 05, 2006

the big day

well it is here Super Bowl Sunday as you know Master & i are football fans and Master's team is playing today while my team is sitting at the house watching like me.

as you know though out the playoffs i took a NFC team as mine being the cowboys stayed home for the playoffs. today i must say i will be rooting for the boys from the burgh being that is my Master's team and i really want to see them win.

the big reason i want them to win is my punishment will be whatever points they win by. if they lose then i get double the points of the win plus the total score of both teams, ouch. so if the burgh wins by 14 that is what i get 14 swats but if the score is hawks 24 burgh 21 then i get 24+8+21=53 so you see why i am a AFC fan today.

the pro bowl will bring a end to our points for punishment game that we enjoy so much. not sure what Master has in mine for me to earn my swat count after the pro bowl but i am sure he will cum up with something to get us though to pre season kickoff.

i do know that he is looking forward to showing off his slave in her new crocheted shirt she was told to buy yesterday. it is hot pink and very open so seeing my tits & nipples will not be a problem for anyone that cares to look. Master has told me that i will be wearing out for dinner or maybe just drinks sometime. he loves to watch waiters look at me as they serve us.

i think the first place i will wear out to is our local s&m store. Master wants to buy a cane and a new collar for me there. i have already been told that i am to wear my short black skirt with heels and now my new pink top with no bra of course. i am to keep my hands together behind my back as we walk though the store and must ask permission to see or hold anything on my own.

i will also be bent over as Master tries out canes on my naked ass. i also will wear the new collar around the store and out of the store. i am also to thank Master for my new toys and collar as we check out so as the cashier hears me. Master has a way to speed up my heart rate and make me wet. i am sure my pussy will be soaked and heart racing when this day comes.

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