Saturday, February 11, 2006

ass in need

well i am not sure what Master is up to but i have not been spanked or whipped since last Friday 02/03. i have yet to get my Super Bowl spanking. i do know that Master did stop buy the hardware store and buy some snaps to add to my spreader bar he made for me so this makes me wonder what he might be up to.

i was told Friday morning via a text message that i would be having a Master milkshake after work. now this is not one you can get at the dairy queen. this is one that only i get to enjoy and i am the one who makes it. it is made with one Master body part and my wet warm mouth. it is very white and creamy when i do it right. Master says i am very good at making them and enjoys seeing me work them up.

i do enjoy them because they taste so good and they make my Master very happy. i have not had one in a while and there was a story on the web a while back that it reduced your chances of breast cancer. not so sure about that but Master likes to tell me that it is time for my tittie juice. he is always so helpful that way.

well i hope to have a spanking report for you very soon because my ass has no markings on it for me to look at and you know how i enjoy my love marks. i think Master is bored with his crop and wants to see how well i can take a cane so maybe this is why is waiting and working on the spreader bar. he is always wanting to try something new that his why i love him so much. he is always exciting in trying different ideas for my punishments.

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Sheen V said...

kk, I love reading your blog!