Sunday, January 29, 2006

switched teams

well for last weeks game i picked the panthers for my NFC team. i guess in a way that made me somewhat of a winner because if my team loses i only get the points (swats) they lose by. if my team wins then the points are double what they win by. so i could have had 40 points if i stayed with the hawks.

so Master switched from the dollar store paddle to the crop for my whipping. now don't get me wrong i love a nice red ass butt the crop is mean to my cheeks. Master is also testing my limits this year as he thinks he has been to soft on me in my punishments.

he made 06 the year of pain and that is what i must worship this year. last year was the year of the cock. i really enjoyed 05.

being i was getting 20 hard ones with the crop Master let me take them in two sessions of 10 each after much begging on my knees in front of him on my part. i will let your mind picture what kind of begging i did.

Master enjoys giving me my punishment outdoors in the cool night air. it also adds to the excitement of me being seen by someone. so the 1st session was on tuesday night after work in a office parking lot. i was again cuffed to the side rail of Master's truck (his whipping post as he calls it) wearing only my cuffs and collar.

i always hate the first one and when it came it was like a bolt of lighting went though me. the pain to the brain was searing and my legs went to dancing as the breath left my body. as i tried to catch my breath the next one landed and so it went me trying to avoid it by dancing around trying to get my breathing back and Master telling me to hold still and stick that ass out for him. was i ever glad i begged for mercy before we started and i was just getting 10 tonight.

ass tender and bruised friday night was set for the next 10. he told me he wanted me to hold still tonight and do less dancing and stick that ass out to meet the whip. i told Master that i needed time between the swats to catch my breath so please go slower and i would try. he also said being i did so much dancing the 1st time he could not get in good hits. tonight he wanted good solid hits and they were to be harder for the dancing last time.

i did get a harder whipping on friday with less dancing and i enjoyed it more as he did give me time to breath between them. he would ask me if i had my breath yet between swats then would put a good one on me. Master said i was taking them like a good slave would tonight. it almost seems the harder he spanks me the harder i want it. Master said we will be getting a cane soon and then maybe i will not want it as much as i do now.

as i tell him i like it, i love it, i want some more of it.

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