Sunday, January 22, 2006

what a difference

the right person in your life can make. i have done things in the last 20 months with Master that i thought i would never do. like this past Friday at work with no bra on and a thin blouse. i watched the guys as they talked to me and almost every time there eyes would be looking down at my tits. i could feel my nipples get hard and i knew they could be seen very easy. i was very proud to show them and see them looking. i felt good about it and not ashamed of it.

before Master came into my life i would NEVER go to work without a bra on. i always had a bra and pantie on without fail. i would not even think of leaving the house without them on. now as you know i do not even own a pair of panties they were turned over to Master and disposed of a long time ago.

Master has made me feel great about myself and my body and to be proud of it. he tells me all the time to show off what have because it is beautiful. that is big change from my life before when i would be asked why are you wearing that or why do you shave that is ugly grow some hair.

i can tell you Master requires my pussy to be very smooth. never is there to be hair there again it is in my slave contract. and he loves everything i wear or do not wear is more like it. if the world would let us do it i would be naked 24/7.

the right person in your life can change your life and he HAS changed mine. i love him more each passing day and feel closer to him then anyone alive.

p.s. profile pic taken in park with hands cuffed behind me.


Sheen V said...

slave, That you've found someone special to explore your sexuality and limits is such a great thing. I really enjoy reading your blog, and look forward to continue to do so.

Bonnie said...


You should feel great because you are beautiful. It's wonderful that you found love and dedication.

May the coming days and years witness a greater blossoming of your joy, fulfillment, and connection (...and a few spankings along the way would be nice as well).

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about the guys looking at you at work. How exciting...