Friday, March 12, 2010

a day at the office

was spent with the word slave wrote accross my tits in black marker. i was so very proud this past Tuesday doing this for my Master. every time someone walked up and talked to me i would think to myself what would they say or think if they knew slave was wrote accross my tits.

it reminded me all day long of who and what i was. i was a slave, His slave. every time i saw Master His eyes would look at my tits and He would smile at me. i felt very proud and very close to Him on this day.

after work we stopped at our favorite restaurant to have some drinks. i was to show Master my well marked tits as we sat there drinking. with my purple collar around my neck and my blouse wide open at the top with 4 buttons unbuttoned i am sure the waiter saw my marked slave tits at one point during the evening.

Master could not wait to suck on my rock hard nipples and He did so right outside in the parking lot. He loved my marked tits and said next time the right one will say owned and the left will say slave for that is what i am.


Jayne's Master: jaynes submissive said...


Great idea and great pic.


charlie said...

And what great tits to have it written across. I can only imagine the look at the bar after work with them just hanging there- open and available.