Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mr.Paddle & mrs. ass

met again and again this past week. after my last posting here about feelings was read by Master we talked about it more. i told Master i think i needed to feel the pain of the paddle more than i do.

He ask me if i was begging for more pain? i said yes i am. He said well don't think you should be on your knees with your tits showing if you are begging slave. i said yes and i will do that as soon as we stop. He pulled His truck into a strip center parking lot that had a few stores in it and parked.

He said then do it here slave as i sat there looking around at all the cars around us. i said ok i will Master. i opened up my blouse and opened the door as i got out and down on my knees. He came around to my side with the camera in hand. i looked up at Him standing over me and begged for more spankings as He took pics of me doing it.

He said ok slave if that is what you really want and need you will get it. i said yes Master it is what i need and i crave it. He told me to get up and bend over the seat and pull up your skirt we will start now. i did as told as He reached in for the leather paddle that He always carries in the truck.

He looked around for people and cars and then pulled up my short skirt and let me have two of the hardest ones ever on my naked ass. my ears were ringing when i stood back up. He said i hope you enjoyed that slave as there are more to come. i said yes i did as i thanked & kissed Him for them. in the pic you can see the point of the paddle on my cheek after just two swats.

everyday this past week i received 10 to 15 nice hard ones on my naked ass with Mr paddle. and let me tell you i have been a very happy girl all week long. thank you Master for all you do for me :) and kisses to Mr. Paddle.

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Riff Dog said...

I especially love the public exhibition part of this.