Sunday, March 21, 2010

thank you all

i want to thank all 121 people that voted in my punishment poll. i am very happy to report that after one week of polling i will receive a hard spanking. i am very happy that is what my readers voted for the most. below are the poll results Master saw this morning.

a hard spanking 37%
walk length of mall in very short skirt w/ big purple collar on 29%
have to run naked in public park 25%
no beer time for slave 9%
Total Votes: 121

your vote will also be counted on my naked ass. yes that's right i will take a swat for each one of your votes all 121. it was one way Master had to keep me from voting for what i wanted. He told me from the start not to vote or i would be sorry later. now i know what He meant.

Master did some toy shopping this past week. He bought a very beautiful njoy medium plug and acrylic cane for my ass along with butterfly clamps for my nips. He is thinking He will use them all at the same time at my punishment. i told Him i didn't think i could take a hard spanking if He used the new cane. He said well lets just see what you can take with it to start off with then we will use the paddle for the balance.

i am so not looking forward to this spanking now. with a plug in my ass, clamps biting my nipples and a acrylic cane stinging my ass cheeks i am not sure i will njoy this.

the poll has been closed & removed by Master.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the photos of you Plugged and clamped both before and after your punishment!

Anonymous said...

I voted twice, I hope you enjoy both smacks on your bare ass