Sunday, March 09, 2008

slave survivor

Master would like to put this slave on a island naked for one month. He would like to tie me to a tree and whip me hard just to hear me scream and know no one will hear me. put me in a dog crate and watch as heavy rains pour down on my naked body. how long would i last? put me on a wood pony as it gets raised higher every 30 mins. watch me crawl on my belly through mud to reach my next meal and than watch as the mud dries on my naked body. the mud would stay on until rain came or it fell off.

that is just a few of the ideas He has for His slave survivor show. He has a lot more ideas, but you get the idea. i am sure we would have a great time playing games and being naked for a month would make for a great tan.

have you ever watched some of the things they do on the show and think how great it would be if they were all slaves with their Masters? we need to get together all of the slaves that blog onto a island. so grab your Master/Mistress or both and let's go live a dream for a month. what do you think?

and feel free to share your ideas on what games to play.


Human said...

Sounds great, but islands are big $ and often have other people on them.

How about a few acres in the woods, with a lake?

Anonymous said...

hey there!! glad to see that you are still here!! lots of catching up to do. I have since left Fit2BeTied behind and have found a new home. an updated link if you have time???? :o) loads of hugs......