Friday, March 28, 2008

on my way

back to the red room for a real punishment. this trip is needed to punish a slave that has a big mouth that said the word NO to her Master. i can tell you this will not be a fun day for this slave.

a few drinks & not eating on a night out with Master & friends and i made a ass of myself. now the ass will suffer for it. i not only told Master NO to His face, i almost screamed it at Him. He took it very well, but i knew with the look in His stare i fucked up big time. sometimes the brain does not know what the mouth is saying. and this night they both let me down.

many of people there that did not know about my being a slave to Master. so He could not control me there as He would have liked to. Master was very mad that night and He would not punish me until later. He will not punish me when He is mad.

the next day He said we needed some time in the red room. i said oh that will be fun as He knows i like to be tied to the cross. He said not fun for you this time slave. this time it will be for real punishment. in other words He is going to whip me like a slave that was caught running from the plantation. there will be no mercy and the ball gag will be used so the safeword can't.

He told me that in all the time i have been His slave He has never had a really solid reason to punish me, but this time He does and He will. i will learn the painful way as i can not learn any other way. i will be begging for mercy long before i am gagged & tied tight on that cross. i know once i am there it will be to late for begging.

in some ways i am looking forward to it as it will test me and show us both what this slave can take. i am sure once it is over i will enjoy looking at my marks and smile with pride of being His.

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Silverslut said...

Good luck!