Sunday, November 29, 2009

wanna watch?

well if you were in the hotel parking lot outside my window yesterday you would have seen me, but i could not see you. i was tied spread eagle to the bed and blindfolded. His main hole was wide open for His pleasure. Master then opened the blind wide open on our ground floor window. my naked body was exposed for all to see if they looked in.

after the blind was opened He put clothes pins on my rock hard nipples and went to work on my cunt with Mr C my rubber cock. as He shoved it deep up inside me He licked on my clit. i was not really sure that the blind was open, i could only hear it being open.

as Master fucked and sucked on me i heard a horn from a car parked outside beep. the car was parked off to the left side of our window. i told Master if the window is really open someone is out there. He said i don't care i hope they enjoy the show as he kept using me.

i heard car doors being closed and then i heard the car start as the sound of it backed away i heard two beeps of its horn like they were saying thanks to us. Master and i do not know if they saw us or not, but if they did they got a real good show.

when Master was done using Mr C on me He whipped on my naked body. one was so hard on my thigh it felt like i was cut with a knife. it did leave a very nice mark on me :) Master removed the clothes pins and my blindfold and that is when i saw how wide open the window really was the whole time. as you know my Master is not shy when it comes to showing off His slave to others.

oh yes did i tell you how much i came and enjoyed it?


Sheen V said...

You are so very beautiful! I wish I were there just to worship your body.

brooke said...

Oh my goodness! That is so hot and sooo scary! Sounds like you loved every minute of it. i'm sure the people in the parking lot did too. i know i would have.