Saturday, December 12, 2009

the snow

blows as i watch out of the third floor window naked wearing my hood for all to see. and see he did as i stood there bent over the ac/heater unit. if you look close you see a dumpster in the right bottom corner of the picture.

Master was using a cane on my (His) naked ass as i stood there not allowed to move. and while standing there bent over a man walked out of the building next door with a hand full of cardboard to throw away. as he was walking back to the building he looked up at the hotel and saw me standing there in full veiw as Master caned my ass.

i told Master he was looking right at me as i tried to move out of view. i was told to stand still as a nice hard swat landed to enforce His command. i did as i was told letting the man below look me over and watch. he stood there watching for a few minutes before he walked back into the building below.

i was sure he was going in to tell others to come out and see me, but no one did. we did see him come out about three more times later in the day and each time he looked up at our window. it was so much fun to watch a lite snow blow around as my ass was being warmed with a cane. and being seen naked in my hood by a stranger just added to it.

spending a cold snow day naked with Master was very special as we do not see much snow in these parts very often. at one point we just laided in the bed spooning with His hot cock in my ass cheeks and His hand on my tit just watching it snow from under the warm covers. oh how i just love to spoon with this man.

and just wait until i tell you the diaper story, now that is a real wet one.

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