Tuesday, December 29, 2009

baby kk

and no i am not having a baby. they say as we age we go back to infant ways. well hell i am not that damm old yet! my life is just beginning now that i have my Master in it.

i did however find myself doing something baby like during our snow day fun. i was bent over the side of the bed being flogged. when Master took a break in the action i ask Him permission to go pee as i had to go bad. He said no slave stay just as you are

Master then walks to the bathroom as i stay bent over the bed. He comes out with a towel and wraps it up between my spread legs and puts two clamps one on each side just likes safety pins. i am now wearing a make shift diaper around my naked ass.

after He does this He said ok slave pee. i said the towel will not hold it all and it will be all over the floor. so He takes me into the bathroom and tells me to stand with my legs spread over the bowl and pee. as i do this He is taking pictures and a movie of it all.

as i peed i felt the warm wet towel against my cunt and ass. when i was done i thought He would take off my wet diaper, but that did not happen. He marched me back out to the bed and bent me back over it as He hand spanked my ass for wetting myself. He rubbed my cunt and ass with a now cold wet diaper and ask me now i felt being a baby again?

i was then sent back into the bathroom wearing it and told to wash out my dirty diaper and clean my cunt and ass up. He told He is going to buy some real ones to pee in and wear in public. oh some of the crazy things He comes up with sometimes. i just love it!


subbrooke said...

Oh wow! i've thought about having to wear a diaper before. It appeals to me simply because it seems like it would be sooo humiliating and nothing turns me on more than humiliation. You are such a lucky girl!!!


Craig said...

Looking good doing the laundry slave !

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