Saturday, January 16, 2010

slave week

i don't know about you other subbies & slaves out there, but do you have times when you just feel more submissive than normal? this past week found me feeling that way.

on monday when i got up i was just not into it. woke up cranky i guess. as i kneeled naked in the corner for my Master worship time i placed clothes pins on my hard nipples. the pain felt good as did being on my knees for Him. still i was in that funk of not enjoying myself or my day.

when Master found out that i was cranky and had used my clothes pins He knew just what i needed. a nice hard spanking to lift up my spirits. i was told to be naked and in position ready for Him after work. when He arrived He found me with my naked ass in the air for Him.

He used the leather paddle and went to work on my ass. as He spanked me i was to count it and say "i enjoy this pain Sir for i am just a slave" after each one. i did this 40 times as this is how many i got for my boys win. now most times i jump around as He does this. not this night i just let Him have my ass without moving it.

Master told me i will feel better tomorrow being He got my feel good bubbles moving again. i did not think i would as i was still in my funk when i went to bed. well tuesday found me in much better spirits so i guess He was right as always.

we stopped in after work for drinks at our favorite spot as it had been a while since our last time there. they were happy to see us again as always. and yes i did wear my big new purple collar in there for all to see. we had a great time just relaxing and me showing my slave self off for Master.

on wednesday i used the clothes pins again doing my worship. so i was asked if i needed another spanking? i said yes i would love one Master. so again my ass was ready for Him. i did the same saying as last time after i ask Him what do i say last time? this spanking was 50 nice hard ones and again i did not move just enjoyed it.

i made a boo boo not long after my spanking was over and i was told that will get me another one on thursday. once again i am laying naked in collar with my ass in the air waiting for my punishment. this time i had to say "i am just a dumb cunt for i can not remember what to say when my ass is getting spanked Sir" yes after saying it 90 times before i had to ask Him again. and it took me 4 swats that did not count to say this one right.

i only got 25 this time as my saying was so long and He was so much harder with them. Master was very impressed with the way i took all of my spankings this past week. He told me i must really be enjoying being His pain slut and slave now. i said yes i think i am. i really do enjoy being His slave and i crave the pain i get from His spankings. sometimes you just need the pain of a good spanking to feel better.

and friday we ended the week making sweet love to each other for i am His cum slut as well.

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