Saturday, January 16, 2010

my collars

and yes i have worn each and every one them in public with my name tags attached. everyone of them has now been worn into our favorite restaurant as well. as you can see my new purple one is much larger than the others. you would really be surpised how many people don't even notice it when i am wearing it. i am collared slave proud!


Florida Dom said...

Congrats on wearing your slave collars in public. You said many people don't notice. What is the reaction of the people who do notice?


kk said...

most just stare like they don't believe they are seeing a collar. no one has ever ask me about it yet, but i have had some strange looks.

had a man stare at me once as i walked into a hotel like he wanted to own me.


nixie said...

Love seeing your collection - where do you get your collars from?

Jayne's Master said...

Your blog is great and I have just been reminded of it by ''Sheen V'' who left a comment on my blog and suggested I come over and take a look.
Will be back again soon.

subshop said...

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