Saturday, November 21, 2009


this past week Master came up with a new name for me. He calls me His o c h now. this came about doing my worship time this week. as you know i worship Him for 10 mins every morning naked before work. i have done many things and in many positions for Him doing worship.

one of the things Master likes for me to do is stare at my naked body in the mirror and chant for Him. i might stand or kneel with my hands on my head and chant i am a owned slave or i am just a slut for His use. Master wants me to enjoy my own body and know my place as His at the same time.

Thursday i was told to get Mr. C out and lay down in front of the mirror my legs spread wide and fuck myself with my big rubber cock Mr C as i watch it go in & out of my cunt hole. as i did this as i chanted "i am your owned cunt hole Master" over and over. the best part is Master will called me to listen to me chant and talk sexy to me as i did it.

well He really had me going as He told me to pound it harder and deeper among other things. as i watched and listened to Him i pounded my cunt like a mad woman. i was so worked up from it that when He hung up i went and got my little rabbit vibrator and put close pins on my hard nipples. i then pounded away some more with Mr C as i vibrated my clit with the pain from nipples shooting down to my cunt. my nipples are like a light switch to my cunt they just turn it on more.

i came so hard as did all of this as i watched myself in the mirror. i was not sure i could even get up to get dressed for work. i was in a sexual haze and wore out. what a great way to start off a workday with a big O.

we stopped that night for drinks at the little restaurant that we go to. they know us pretty well there now. they all smile when we walk in with me in my collar and short skirts. after the first round of drinks was delivered Master told me to unbutton my blouse all the way this time and sit with it open for Him.

well i did not even have a sip of my 1st drink yet so i begged Him for just doing two for now and let me warm up to doing it with more drinks. He said ok as i opened up my top for His viewing pleasure. the waiter came and went bringing more drinks as we talked. i am sure he saw more tit than he wanted to at times.

after he brought the last one (4th) for the evening to the table Master said now do as you were told slave and unbutton it all the way. i did as i opened it up wide for His pleasure. yes both tits are in full view for Him or anyone walking by the table to see. i drank all of my last drink sitting this way. i am glad it was a slow night for them.

what i did not know is while i was sitting there my skirt was all the way up to my naked cunt and it could be seen by the waiter if he looked. no wonder they smile when we walk in and the service is always great.

Friday morning worship was done in the corner on my knees with my legs spread wide and my finger working over my cunt deep inside as i chanted i am your owned cunt hole Master over & over as He listened.

yes i am His owned cunt hole (o c h for short) and proud of it! what a great week.

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Sheen V said...

Mmm, I'd've loved to have seen you at the restaurant!