Sunday, April 13, 2008

not all punishment

comes in the form of a spanking for me. this past week for worship time i was told to sit in front of the mirror naked with legs spread wide and masturbate using my dog bone. i was to watch as the bone slid in and out for the full 10 mins. well for some reason when i woke up and sat in front of the mirror i forgot all about the bone and used my fingers instead.

well Master found out this puppy did not use her bone as she was told. so now i get to hand write in the punishment book 108 times (twice my age) the following sentence: "this slave will masturbate with her dog bone when she is told without fail"

He said being my fingers had pleasure they can now have the pain. so i will be having some writers cramp as my punishment. so you see it is not always the pain i enjoy so much.

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