Sunday, May 04, 2008

takes one to know one

on Friday's I am known to stop and pickup donuts or such for my co-workers. it is a great way to start out the last day of the week. one of the things that adds a little something to it is i must always wear my collar in where ever i stop. this is something that give me pleasure and adds a little to my shopping.

for the most part no one ever pays attention to it or me. there is one store i stop at that has a male working behind the counter that wears a chain with a small lock around his neck. i have seen him there before, but i don't know if he has ever seen me.

i am sure his chain & lock means he is a slave to someone just as my collar does. well this past Friday he not only saw me in my white w/o-ring collar. he stared at it to the point of forgetting about what he was doing. and to top that off he waited on me and stared at it more. he did not say anything about it, but i knew he knew and he knew i knew that we were both owned.

it is really the first time anyone has stared at it and me. i am sure one day one of us slaves will be brave enough to ask the other about it. i am sure if he asks first i will turn red in a heart beat. so maybe i should be the first one to ask?

what do you think? has anyone ever ask you about your collar in public?

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Anonymous said...

Luv your posts, please update us on what happens.

IF he asked, you tell 'em how proud you are to wear your master's collar