Tuesday, May 27, 2008


the stick puppy. yesterday i found myself in a mini skirt with a lite blue top and flip flops running for a stick. yes just like in the movie Pet i ran for a wood stick and returned it to my Master. i ran both ways just like a good puppy would.

this was not done in a private setting, but a public park for all to watch. the park is small one and with no kid things to to play on. there were a few people there, but they did not seem to notice what i was doing. they could have seen what was going on just by looking our way, but they did not seem to notice us.

it was a hot day and puppy was hot so Master wet her down with His water bottle. that made my very hard nipples shine though my thin top. the pic is of me getting my stick. hope you like it.

this cumming weekend i will be serving Mistress and cam man in ways that i never have. it will be a first for me to serve two men at the same time. Master has told me all of my holes will be filled at the same time. i can not wait.

more to cum.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! We love you. any chance of seeing more of you? how about a set of plain pics, just you, with nothing on, from different angels?