Saturday, June 14, 2008

sent to the groomer

yes i was sent to get my haircut or as my Master calls it going to the groomer. the hair on my head was getting long and needed a trim. i made my appointment and then told Master the time and date of it. He said good He would go with me so He could watch.

now i am thinking He wanted to watch me get my haircut and thought how very nice of Him.

oh no, He did not want to watch that. He wanted to watch me walk through the mall in my grey tube top and short mini skirt to the salon. i said there was no way i could wear that top in there as it is very thin and my hard nipples poke right out in it.

just the way He likes it. so it was my dress code of the day. i was very nervous in that outfit i was wet from sweat and my cunt was wet from excitement. i had no bra and i do not own panties so it was almost like walking in there naked.

serveral women looked my way as i walked through the mall. i could feel there eyes burn right through me as i walked. i know my hairdresser got a great look of my tits & nips as she washed my hair. with my head tilled back into the sink she could look right down the top and there was no way to hide my hard nipples that stuck out from her. i was very happy to get to her chair and have the cape put around me to cover me up. Master watched me from afar the whole time.

i was so excited in doing this for Him that once the cape was over me i took my hand to my cunt and put my finger in it just to check the wetness of it. yes i was turn on by exposing myself for all to see and was very wet. if felt good to have my finger in there with others close by, but not knowing.
when she was done with my haircut and pulled the cape back off of me i felt as if she just stripped naked right there in front of everyone. the shop was full and i had to walk to the front to pay and ask if i could add a tip to it as i had no cash on hand. they said sure than handed me the cash to give to her. that meant walking back through the crowed shop to pay her. as i did she smiled and looked right at my tits and said thank you. i know i turn 20 shades of red.
now for the walk back out of the mall to the car with arms at my side and Master watching i showed myself off like any good slut would.

now Master wants to go shopping for a mattress with me wearing my very short white dress. i am to lay down on the mattress and stretch out for Him in front of the sales person. i know for a fact my bald cunt will be seen by all that look that day. and i am sure it will be soaked that day.

oh the fun we have.


Anonymous said...

hi kk

great story, you are a lucky, yes very lucky slave having such a great master with splendid ideas how to show his sexy slave to others. we just wondered what would have happened is your hairdresse was a male? normally while getting a haircut, you talk a lot. what kind of subjects did you both talk about? any sexual content...:)

great pictures too. we just wanted to know if you had your collar on at the hairdresser? that would be a great subject to talk about. and you show your feet with nice nail polish and flip flops, you made us wet with the story and pics.

have a nice day, love, mike & eva xx

Sheen V said...

Hmm, if only someone was giving you a pedicure at the same time...

I love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Finally, a few pics of your breasts! thank you, thank you, thank you! We would love to see a full body pic of yours totally naked.

kk said...

mike and eva

thanks for asking. my hairdresser was female and i did not wear my collar as it would just get in the way of the wash and trim.

she only talked about my hair and now nice it was going to feel and look. just what she does i guess.

and yes my polished toes where on show in my flip flops. i think Master is going to have me wear the skirt to the nail salon next time.


Anonymous said...

hi again,

hope you share your story on the visit to the nail studio as well. already image get your toe nails polished when you wear a short skirt and no pants.....erotic,

love mike & eva xx