Saturday, May 17, 2008

hold that dime

last weekend Master and i had a play day. a play day for us is a day where we are both naked all day and i am His sex whore. well this day started off with me on the floor on my knees and my face down on the floor and my ass high in the air. Master stood above me and whipped on my raised ass as i kissed His feet and licked His toes.

i worked my way up His legs once i was told to lick higher to something harder. i really enjoy it when Master grabs a hand full of my hair and fucks my face as He did this time. it makes me feel good to be His cum slut and taste His juices. i always wanted to be a whore/sex slave and now i am.

next i was put up on the bed on my knees with my face in the pillows. a speader bar was attached to my ankle cuffs and my cuffed hands pulled under me and attached to center of the spreader bar. in this position Master has full access to my ass and cunt. it was now time to warm up the inside of my ass. as he pushed in some fresh cut ginger root into my ass i begged Him to stop. my ass was on fire inside. i was made to hold it in while He warmed up the outside of my ass with a crop.

oh and yes He did play with my bald pussy at the same time just to help take my mind off my burning ass. when He released me i fell into the bed spent. it was now time to fuck & suck & spoon a little and just relax into each others arms. i love this part the most.

after some good sex and a lite nap for us both it was time for more b&d play. i was bent over the table next and tied with my arms pulled tight above my head and my legs spread wide and tied. He then went to work on me with the qurit. it has a mean sting to it and Master really knows how to use it. i was pulled up so tight by my arms that only my toes touched the floor adding to my pain.

next came the funny part of our day. i was taken off the table and put onon my knees on the floor. He locked my hands behind me in handcuffs and had me facing the wall. He than put a dime on the wall and told me to hold it up there with my nose and DO NOT DROP IT slave! and while i did this He cropped my ass.

well i hurt all over from being tied before and now my arms, knees & nose were hurting bad. i wish you could have seen all the things i did to keep that damm dime from falling. the way i tired to see it with my eyes and try to push harder with my nose to keep it from falling. i held it there for about 25 mins as i begged Master to let me quit.

when He reached around me to catch the dime as i pulled my nose off the wall the dime stayed in place. yes thats right the damm dime did not move. Master even took a picture of it. it was like it was glued on the wall. we both just laughed as it was so funny seeing it stay there without my nose holding it and thinking of all i did to keep it there.

we had a great day being naked all day and playing together without a care in the world. sometimes you just need to have a day to play in the nude.


Rose said...

What a great post. The dime just made me giggle. I've not been here in a bit and enjoyed getting caught up. How did the punishment go?

Sheen V said...

That dime sticking to the wall - that's too funny! A good slave would have said that they knew it was stuck and kept going anyway.