Saturday, September 04, 2010

marked again

as to what i am. yes it was just another morning getting ready for the office when i was told to mark myself so i would remember who and what i am. Master had been calling my cunt a whores hole lately so that is what i marked it as. i sent Him a picture of it then dressed and left for the office.

when i walked in He handed me a black marker and told me now go mark your tits with i am a whore. so it was off to the restroom down the hall where i removed my shirt and bra and did as told. i snaped another picture and sent it off for Him to see i did as told. just look at how hard my nipples are?

as the day passed i would often look down my blouse and look at what i was to remind myself. every time i went potty i would read my cunt. why am i a whore? because my legs are always spread wide open for Master's use. my mouth is always open for His use as well. my body is to be used for whatever pleases Him. if He tells me to pleasure another i will and i have for Him.

it is fun to be owned and used as one. and yes i was used that night as i sucked on His hardness. i love cock and that is why i am a whore. i felt very proud walking around with my body marked whore.

His whore.


Anonymous said...

Hi i am new to this lifestyle, and i have my own Master, and i just wanted to let you know that reading your blog has really helped me a lot.

Florida Dom said...

You must be proud to be owned and marked.