Saturday, September 11, 2010

the tree & me

Master has found yet another way to play with His puppy outdoors. i was told to have my little rubber dog bone with me at all times last weekend. so now i carry it in my purse with me. as you know Master likes to walk His puppy on the weekends and most times on her leash.

but this time the leash was left in the car. this time puppy would carry her little rubber dog bone around in her mouth just like a good puppy should. the bone was used for two purposes

1. to keep me from screaming out
2. something to bite down on for the pain.

Master brought the quirt whip and camera with Him on our walk. as we walked to the end of woods i was told what was going to happen. i was to pick out a nice tree then lift my short skirt up above my naked ass and place both hands on the tree as i bend over and spread my legs.

once in position i wait as He photos me standing here bone in mouth naked ass out waiting for the pain to come. He tells me not to scream out and not to move my position. well i did both once that whip started stinging my ass cheeks. He did not hold back as He had a lot of room to swing.

He said i needed more training. i told Him my ass was just tender as it had been a while since i felt the whip. once home He had me watch two videos online where the slaves were beat with a cane. so hard the ass turned black and blue with each swat. one was chained down the other was not. they took way more than i ever could i know that.

He said now slave see what could happen. i said i will do better now that i seen them do that. so we went back the next day and did it again. this time i held my position and used the bone to absorb the pain as He whipped away on my ass.

i knew i could do it i just needed my mind to be in the right place for it. i love pain, but sometimes i just get too excited about what is going to happen the first time. now i can't wait to get back to the whipping tree.


Sheen V said...

Yum, I'd love to be there right next to you.

Anonymous said...

what a story, hope your Master allows to share some pictures with us,

love mike & eva xx

Anonymous said...

Hi kk i am new to the lifestyle how did you get us to your Master taking photos of you? i really like you blog.