Saturday, August 02, 2008


while it has been a while since my last post. don't know where the time goes,but it seems to go fast. hard to believe it is August already. i guess that is a good thing for me, as it means football spankings will be coming soon to a ass near me.

yes it is my favorite time of year when i can watch my boys win or lose and know i will get whipped for it. it adds a little something extra to watching the game for me. the more they score the more i get. so you know i am rooting for high scores.

i also have been spending time on my knees in the corner these past few weeks. no i have not done anything bad. it is just what i am doing now for my Master worship time. as you know every morning before work i put in my butt plug and submit my mind & body to Master.

i know that as a slave i belong on my knees at my Master's feet. i enjoy being on my knees for Him. it gives me a lot of pleasure to kneel for Him and before Him. i am at ease in my mind when i do my worship time and is a great way to start off my day.

i must say & repeat the following out loud while in the corner: plugged and on my knees for this is where i belong for i am just a slave for your pleasure Master.

i would never have dreamed i would be doing things like this in my life. i was just your everyday woman living a life like June Clever before Master. now i am a sex slave that just loves being a slut.

thank you Master for showing me a new exciting life to live. i love you.

in the pics above Master wanted to show what happen before i was sent to the corner.


Sheen V said...

I would love to plant my kisses all over your bottom to make it feel better! Thank you, Master, for allowing these pictures to be posted.

Anonymous said...

A pity I can't see the smile on your face after you've received the Tough Love you so richly deserve.

My commendations to your Master on your well reddened bottom. I hope you thanked him gratefully from the bottom of your heart?

Anonymous said...

very nice picture and we love the little detail on the first picture, the handle of the whip is there is well.....

love mike & eva xx

kk said...

thanks to all for the nice comments. and sheen v i would love to have you kiss away my pain.

maybe Master could pull your panties down and whip yours while u are kissing mine. He always wanted two slaves to serve Him.


Anonymous said...


that last comment makes us horny...

often we fantazise that we are both (male and female) slaves to mistress or master. although we aren't into whipping, canning etc, we would like to obey orders and being forced to do things we don't do (or dare) ourselves. like mike being forced to suck master's dick or eva licking her mistress' pussy...

have a nice day, love mike & eva xx

Sheen V said...

kk, That idea would make me very happy!! And Mike & Eva can join too!

kk said...

what a blast it would be for us all to get together.

Master & i have talked about how fun it would be to meet my fans all at the same time.

or just to have all the blogger friends together for a party.

WOW! now that would be a blog post for all.

mike & eva Master would enjoy having u serve.