Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mistress may i?

the other day Master came across a picture of two men doing one woman. she had one man pounding her from the rear as the other one was being sucked off.

He showed me the picture and ask me what end would i like cam man on if that was me? i told Him that i did not know and whatever end he was on at that moment would be ok with me.

as you know cam man is married to the woman that is also my Mistress when we play. us girls are always playing while the guys take pictures. Master does get in on some of the playing, but cam man always hangs in the backround taking more pics. guess that is why we call him cam man.

Master has been playing with my mind about having two men at the same time just like in the porno movies. well Master wanted a real answer from me this morning on what end cam man should be on. so i came right out and told Him i want cam man to pound my cunt while He face fucks me.

He said good choice now you need to ask Mistress for permission to have Her man inside you. so the next get together we have with them i will be on my knees begging Her for permission to use Her mans cock for my own pleasure.

i sure hope Her answer is yes as Master has me very wet and worked up just talking about it. i will be a true 100% cum slut that day.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh sounds soo good

I luv reading all about your filthy adventures

I hope some photos can be posted !

Mike and Eva said...

hi kk,

we are sure your mistress will make you pay for such a privilege. we wonder what she will put you through, however we are sure you all will enjoy...:)

have a nice day, mike and eva

Tamar said...

That's so cool. I wish you to enjoy this so special trio.