Saturday, July 12, 2008

bikini car wash

well Master had me working at the car wash last weekend. it was the first time i have ever used one of those self wash places. i just use a garden hose and do mine at home. why pay for a pressure wash?

Master wanted to watch me wash His truck in a public place wearing my bikini & collar for all to see. so it was off to the car wash down the street with me wearing nothing, but my collar and bikini.

when we pulled in there where some guys there using the wash and i was very nervous about doing this. Master did pull into the end stall so that made it a little better. He got the bucket out and put some coins in and the sprayer started shooting out water.

he handed me the wand and said get after it slave and do not miss anything. as i sprayed and washed He took pictures of me. well the guy in the stall next to us finished his car and pulled out in front of us to the vacuums.

well there was no place for me to hide as he worked on his car and watched me work on Master's. he did not say anything to us, but i am sure he was not believing what he was seeing. how many times have you been to a car wash and seen a older woman in a collar & bikini?

yes i know i am no 20 year old girl and i never dreamed i would be in a bikini at my age, but what the hell you only live once and if you did not do then do it now.

Master said i did a great job for my first time out and maybe next time i should wear even less. i am hoping His truck stays clean for a very long time.

p.s. my butt plug training is coming along good. the last two times Master put it in i was very calm. i am also shopping with it inside with no panties on to catch it. as you know i do not own any panties anyway. who knew i could be such a slut? i guess Master knew.


Tamar said...

It reminds me.
I like to clean home naked. The windows wide open because I like the wind feeling my body. I imagine that I am doing it for somebody, a lady. Before I clean home, I wax my pussy and my ass. Little hair I have there around my brown asshole so I must have it removed before I am exposed. I also put red lipstick to her liking as she views as I bend down to clean the floor.
I am very excited when I clean home naked.
I often masturbate.
I will take my wetness and put around my eyes, on my neck, like a perfume.
When the house is clean, I will wear a tiny girly g-string and go for a coffee shop.
My smell is all over me, and I feel everyone smells it with me. I will come home and masturbate again. Then go to sleep. Often wearing a chained panties, where the cold steel touches between my lips.

Thanks for your story. I liked it.


Sheen V said...

But doesn't being an exhibitionist feel so naughty and exciting!! You look awesome!

kk said...

thanks Sheen for the nice comment. yes being exposed is such a rush and turn on 4 me.

it also makes me feel more submissive. i know i would never do it if not told to do so.

when told to expose myself it makes it ok, because i am serving my Master.


Anonymous said...

Oooh what a lucky car wash.

I suggest next time Topless, with a Thong or g String bottom

Or better yet just a very small white wet t-shirt ! one that hugs that sexy lil body of yours real close and just covers those sweet lil cheeks?