Friday, July 04, 2008


yes i am very proud of myself and Master is also proud of me. Monday was cam man's birthday so i was told i would be taking his b-day spanking. so Monday after work i stripped naked and turned over on my stomach and put my hands behind my head. Master said you will be getting 100 swats with the crop tonight.

now cam man is not 100 years old, but Master said He has been too soft on me as of late. now one thing Master hates is for me to jump up or dance around when being spanked. i have really tired to hold my position and not move for Him, but sometimes i just do it after a really good hard placed swat.

now i was not even sure i could take all 100 let alone not move from position. i was going to give it my all to stay in place and take my punishment. Master started off with hard swings and did not ease much up at all. i stayed in place taking them like a true slave.

Master likes it when his slave stays in place without bonds to hold her there. He says that is the sign of a true masochist to stay in place and take the pain. well i wanted Him and you to know i enjoy it, so i did not move. and yes i took all 100 of them.

when Master finished with the spanking He inserted my butt plug for the ride home. well i put that plug in every morning myself for worship time, but it is not often i have someone else do it. i moved and begged for Him to let me do it myself, but He said no.

once it was in He said i will need to do some training with Him putting it in for me. so now twice a week Monday & Fridays He will insert it for my ride home from work. He said i can start and finish the week on a plug. and yes He does make me spread my own ass cheeks open for Him.

i also got another 50 swats with a 2" x2" x 1/4" oak stick on Wed night and it has more bite than the crop. yes He is not being soft with me no more. and yes i never moved from my position.

Happy 4th to you all.


Tamar said...

Dear KK,
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your posts. You sound so sweet and sensitive. Found this blog by accident and I was reading it for about an hour, think about how exposed you are, trying to imagine myself as you.


Anonymous said...

I am also a great fan, love KK and her spirit.

Are you an expert or novice?

Master S

Tamar said...

Master S

I am a novice. But I have many fantasies. I can almost see myself walking on the street with a small collar around my neck, or humiliated with minimal cloths, walking with so high heels that I can barely stand. Kept in a constant state of arousal, denied orgasm, or being naked in a party, where all other people are dressed. But I am afraid taking a step forward.
Thank you, kk for sharing with us.


kk said...


i am glad you like my blog. i too was afraid to do many of the things you see here.

you just need to be with the right person and it will become very easy to do.

Master has changed my life and my way of thinking.

i now have no problem wearing my collar in public or even shopping with my butt plug in my ass.

it makes life fun to do something you are not suppose to. remember it's only kinky the first time.

it will be the most fun you ever had.