Saturday, August 16, 2008


i am sure no one knows what the title of this post means, but it is my new name or title. Master is even thinking of changing the name of this blog.

Mnas is short for three different names that Master likes to call me.

1. My naked ass slave (He uses this one the most)
2. Master's naked ass slave
3. Marked naked ass slave

He came up with this a while back and it seems to have fit me well because i always have a naked ass around Master. He even has me drive to work sometimes on a naked ass meaning my jeans are pulled down to my knees so i am sitting on a naked ass.

any and every time i ride with Him in His truck it is a must that my pants are down at my ankles without fail.
yesterday found me sitting naked ass next to a big truck at a red light as Master pulled right up next to the drivers side window. my very first reaction was to close my legs as He got closer. i am made to ride with them spread wide open for His use. He will finger fuck me at lights.

He told me to spread them open as He pulled up and stopped next to the large truck. as luck would have it the driver was busy looking at some paper work on his right side and did not even look at me. good for me, but bad for my Master. He likes to show me off to others.

so what do you think, has the time come for a blog name change? and which one should He use? He likes My naked ass slave, but i am really Master's naked ass slave.
and yes i am naked now.


Hermione said...

Hi kk,

I vote for My naked ass slave and we'll pronounce it mee-nas.


Anonymous said...

hi kk,

as your Master is your Master, he is going to decide... your opinion does not count......

anyway, we think the name Mnas is OK in all means,

love mike & eva xx

Tamar said...

I think that the name is fine. It is kind of symbolic, since your slave hood is expressed by your ass. The marks and the butt-plugged brown hole.

This name should make you very proud.

BTW I am also naked and butt-plugged, as I write this. It kind of hurts, but I am OK.


Anonymous said...

I would love to get to know you better. Drop me a note to sixcut [at]


Sheen V said...

I agree with Hermione. And I love the picture!!