Saturday, October 18, 2008

in the window

in front of anyone that walked or drove by. yes Master had His naked ass slave bent over the ac unit with it blowing very cold air on my front side as He warms my back side. He calls it icy hot.

i stand in front of the window naked on the ground level of a nice hotel looking out into a parking lot hoping no one drives up or walks by. i was caught once doing this in a second floor window by the maids coming in to work. there was two of them in the car and they looked up at me as they parked. they just smiled as they got out of their car and walked in. i was sure all the hotel workers knew it as i walked up to check out later.

my nipples are froze and rock hard as the ac air blows on high and my ass is red hot from the cane and flogger that hit it. i must not move off of the ac unit until i am told to do so. when i am told to so most times it is to fall to my knees right there and thank Master by sucking Him off in front the window.

we spend that whole day in that room naked with me serving Him in all and every way and never once shut the curtain. we even slept for a while and have no idea if anyone peeked in on us. as you know Master loves to show me off and it adds a little something to it when i sit on His face and having a O looking out the window for someone to be watching.


Anonymous said...

what a nice and sexy story...pity we were not there peeking in, too bad, hope we get a chance later.
love the picture of your red ass after the icy hot session...

love mike & eva xx

Tamar said...

I shiver as I read you
that reminds me a lot.
Butt plugged in a party
Collared in the street
Dressed like a whore.

I love reading your posts.