Saturday, October 04, 2008

in the dark

i know it has been some time since my last posting here. there is a good reason for that. IKE! yes Mr IKE blew my lights outs for a solid two weeks. that was not a fun two weeks i will tell you that and i am glad to be back on the electric grid again.

i can not tell you how many times i flipped on the light switch walking into a dark room. and i am sick of hearing the sound of generators running, even my own. we are very lucky and survived it better than a lot of folks did, so i am not complaining. i am glad it is over and life is back to normal for the most part for me.

i did get a good pussy whipping from Master during the down time. i was told to meet Him at 12:40 pm for lunch. well i had some time to kill so i went shopping and lost all track of time it was 12:46 when i looked at my phone to check the time.

then came a text from Master telling me i was late. i replyed that i was coming. at 12:55 another text came telling me i was now fucking late. i knew Master was going to punish me for sure now. i arrived at 1:00 pm.

when i got out of the car Master ask me if i knew how to tell time? i said i did and that i was very sorry for being late. He said sorry does cut it slave. raise your skirt, spread your legs wide and show me your pussy. i did as told right there in the parking lot. He than pulled out the small flogger from His pocket.

right there between the cars i was pussy whipped hard. it was very painful, but i knew i deserved what i was getting for being late. not sure how many was given i just know my pussy was red & sore during my whole lunch.

i will not be shopping to kill time before a meeting with Master and i will never be late again. that i do know.


Sheen V said...

Glad to hear that you made it through Ike okay. And it sounds like you received a just punishment. You should have bought something for Master!

Anonymous said...

naughte bad behavind slaves deserved being whipped. we guess your master fucked your sore pussy hard lateron...