Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the pits

you know sometimes it is hard to sit down and write about things Master and i do. it always seems that i am telling you the samething over and over. i got a spanking and my ass was beat red, i was exposed or i don't ever wear panties, as i own none Master owns them.

well this post is a little different subject. i have posted about being on shave restriction before, on my pussy and once on my whole body. this time it was my arm pits.

now as any woman out there knows this is not a good thing to have happen to you. anyone and everyone can see your pits at anytime when you least expect it. short sleeve shirt and raise you arms to stretch and there it is a hairy pit for all to see.

Master had me stop shaving when my boys lost there 1st game and i was not allowed to shave again until they won. and then i had to ask permission to do it. well i had some nice long hair being they lost two games in a row. give me back my Romo boy.

well i am shaved smooth again until they lose. a new twist to my punishment for a loss. oh yes i still get my spankings on the point system too. i would take a hard ass caning over growing underarm hair. that just sucks for me.


Tamar said...

I love reading your blog, some times I read your posts over and over.
This one made me cry. It is so humiliating. I wander if he made you walk out strapless.


Anonymous said...

Aww Sweetie,

I luv reading about the dirty sexy adventures you share with your master. I've also told some of the stories to my girlfriend while she masturbates.

She always cumms soo hard when I tell her the dirty things your made to do. Please keep posting the stories are very seXXXy

Anonymouse ;-)